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How To Choose Your Texas Divorce Lawyer

 Posted on February 29, 2024 in Divorce

Tarrant County, TX divorce lawyerDivorce can be a complicated time for all parties involved. Having someone on your side who can handle the legal complexities of the divorce process can help alleviate some of the stress. Understanding how to choose the right attorney can be just as important as every other issue on the table, so do your due diligence to find the best one for your circumstances.

Research Your Options

Access to information has never been easier thanks to the internet. It can be used to look up all sorts of things relevant to your case, which includes researching a proper attorney. Performing a few online searches can help you discover detailed and relevant information on a large number of available local attorneys who can assist you in your divorce.

Information that may help you choose wisely includes:

  • How long the attorney has been practicing law
  • What type of law the attorney practices
  • Where the attorney places their values
  • Testimonials

Michelle Poblenz offers her clients over 25 years of experience practicing family law. She has dedicated her professional life to serving her client's needs and best interests, representing them in divorce and family law cases.

Look For Experience and Reputation

Experience in law is a good start but you will want to narrow it down to law that is relevant to your needs. In the case of divorce, a family law is the best option. The attorney should also know about the unique case laws that relate to your case. A good Texas lawyer should be able to keep you abreast of all updates and changes to the law and offer advice on all aspects of your case.

Look for a lawyer who is willing to fight for you and your interests every step of the way. If they have a good reputation for going the extra mile for their clients, then this is a good sign that they will be willing to push hard to get you what you want. A good place to start is to read the testimonials on a lawyer’s website and deduce from the comments, both positive and negative, whether or not the lawyer is right for you.

Michelle Poblenz believes honesty is the best way to approach serious legal issues, listening and understanding each client’s unique situation to help them navigate the complexities of their case.


Once you have a few lawyers in mind that meet your criteria, it is a good idea to interview each of them. Share your case with each attorney and take in their feedback. Each attorney will have their own perception concerning your situation so you should ask as many questions as possible and compare their answers. Take the feedback you receive and remove lawyers from your list that do not match up with your needs.

Michelle Poblenz is a compassionate and communicative counselor who is willing to listen to your case and guide you every step of the way.

Contact a Tarrant County, TX Divorce Attorney

Make sure you do ample research into an attorney before settling on one for your divorce proceedings. You should look for only the most experienced and knowledgeable Dallas, TX divorce lawyer to handle your case. The Law Office of Michelle Poblenz is at your disposal for all of your divorce-related legal matters and can provide invaluable insight and experience into your unique situation. Contact the firm at 469-845-3031 to set up an appointment.

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