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Irving Criminal Defense Attorney

Finding the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas and Irving

Being charged with a crime can be a frightening experience, and navigating the criminal justice system can be overwhelming. Hiring a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is in your best interest in these situations. However, it is not always easy to know what to look for when determining whether a criminal defense attorney is the right person to assist with your case.

At the Law Office of Michelle Poblenz, our robust knowledge of criminal law makes us uniquely qualified to serve clients who have been accused of committing crimes. We will serve as your guide throughout the legal process, working tirelessly to ensure that you have every opportunity to fight the charges against you and pursue a positive outcome in your case.

What Should I Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney?

It is important for your criminal defense lawyer to have the following attributes:

  • Experience - You will want to make sure the person you hire is experienced in criminal defense. The more experience, the better. They need to have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system. Our attorney has extensive experience representing clients who have been charged with a wide variety of offenses, and we are equipped to anticipate the prosecution's tactics against you.
  • Reputation - Your lawyer must have a superb reputation in the criminal law community. Look for a track record of success, especially in cases similar to yours. With our history of successfully defending clients in criminal matters, we can help you achieve the best outcome to your case.
  • Communication - A great criminal defense attorney should be able to explain the legal process to you clearly and understandably. This means also being responsive to your questions and concerns. Our lawyer strives to keep you informed at all times and make sure you are prepared to address all of your legal concerns.
  • Strategy - An effective criminal defense attorney should have a clear plan for your case. They should be able to explain this strategy to you in detail. We will work closely with you to make sure you understand the approach that will be taken as you defend against criminal charges.
  • Empathy - Being charged with a crime can be a profoundly stressful experience. Look for an empathetic criminal defense attorney who understands the impact of the case on your life. Our attorney takes a compassionate approach while ensuring that you are treated fairly throughout your case.

Common Defense Strategies in Criminal Cases

When facing criminal charges, it is essential to have a strong defense strategy. Our attorney can help you create a plan of action that outlines how we will fight the charges against you. There are a few strategies in criminal defense cases that may help you achieve success in your case, including:

  • Claiming innocence - The most apparent defense strategy in a criminal case is to claim that the accused is innocent. This may involve presenting evidence that supports your version of events and demonstrates that you did not commit the alleged offense.
  • Challenging the evidence - This may include arguing that the evidence was obtained illegally, that it is unreliable, or that it does not prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Claiming self-defense - In cases where the accused is charged with a violent crime, such as assault or murder, a common defense strategy is to argue that actions were taken in self-defense. We may be able to show that you acted to protect yourself or others from harm.
  • Pleading insanity - In cases where the accused is charged with a particularly egregious act, a defense strategy may be to say that the accused was legally insane or was not mentally competent at the time of the crime. In these cases, we may be able to present evidence that demonstrates that you could not understand the nature of your actions or the consequences of certain behavior.
  • Plea bargaining - In some cases, a defense strategy may involve negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecution. We can advise you on whether it may be beneficial to plead guilty to an offense of less severity and receive a reduced sentence.

Contact a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal convictions can have a devastating effect on your life. Following an arrest, you should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. By retaining the services of an attorney, you can begin building a successful defense strategy. At the Law Office of Michelle Poblenz, we know how daunting it can be to respond to criminal charges. We can help you understand your legal options, and we will work to ensure that your rights are safeguarded during your case. Contact us at 469-845-3031 for a confidential consultation.

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