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Class C Tickets And Occupational Drivers Licenses

If you were unable to appear for your traffic ticket court date, were unable to pay for your ticket, and now have many outstanding traffic tickets to address, we can help you.

Are your traffic tickets in warrant status? At the Law Office of Michelle Poblenz, we can help you by posting a bond in many cases to lift the warrant.

What Is A Class C Traffic Ticket?

In Texas, most traffic citations, except for parking tickets, are considered Class C misdemeanors. The fines for these tickets can be up to $500.

If you miss your court date, you could be facing harsh consequences such as:

  • A warrant may be issued for your arrest
  • A criminal charge for failure to appear
  • Increased fines
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Denial of driver’s license renewal
  • Denial of auto registration
  • Steep surcharges

The downward spiral can be even more stressful when you are not able to get car insurance because your license and car registration has been suspended.

If the court issued a warrant for your arrest, and you walk into the court at a later time, you could be arrested.

Irving traffic violations attorney Michelle Poblenz can negotiate with the judge on your behalf to get a deferral, lower your fines, avoid the Department of Public Safety surcharges, create a payment plan or arrange for you to do community service in lieu of paying the fine.

Class C Offenses And Occupational Driver’s Licenses

Ms. Poblenz is a former prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney’s office and has the skill and knowledge you need to navigate out of the harsh traffic ticket cycle.

If your license was suspended we can help you get an occupational driver’s license, which is good for one year at a time. Then we work through the steps it takes to solve your other traffic offense matters.

You cannot get an occupational driver’s license if you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). While excessive tickets could cost you your job, contact us before losing all hope.

At the Law Office of Michelle Poblenz, we help clients overcome the burdens of traffic tickets and minimize the points against you.

Contact Us Before You Decide To Clear Your Traffic Tickets

Before you pay for your traffic tickets, speak to an experienced traffic ticket lawyer. We may be able to help you resolve this whole matter over the phone.

Do not ignore your traffic fines another day. Email the Law Office of Michelle Poblenz or call us for a free consultation to discuss the best route to solving your traffic ticket worries at 469-845-3031.