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Preparing for divorce can be beyond your ability, especially when the idea of divorce comes with conflict and heavy emotion. When it does, the Law Office of Michelle Poblenz can help you with the legal end of matters, providing:

  • A less confusing divorce
  • Protection of your best interest in property division
  • Clear explanations you can understand
  • A parenting plan best suited for your children

Mediation is a key factor in contested divorce cases. If your divorce is contested in Texas, you and your spouse will be required to complete mediation before the family court will issue your divorce decree.

Irving Property Division Lawyer

You may not have much to divide, but do not sell yourself short on what you have a right to in your divorce. Attorney Poblenz is committed to protecting her client’s best interests, including their future interests in settling divorce matters.

Dividing Debt In Divorce

Because Texas is a community property state, all assets and debts are usually divided 50-50 between divorcing spouses unless there are what the court calls ‘just and right’ reasons to split them differently.

Sometimes deciding on just what is fair when it comes to splitting up what you owe on credit cards, car loans, or medical bills is hard to do. Divorce planning includes charting out these types of issues so you and your spouse can come to an agreement prior to your divorce.

If you cannot agree, the court will make the decision about who will be responsible for each of your various debts after your divorce.

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