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Fights happen all the time between people. Shouting threats or throwing a punch or an object in the heat of the moment during an argument is seen everywhere from soccer matches to grocery store parking lots.

The equation changes when security guards or the police are called in. Assault charges are serious matters. In Texas, an assault charge generally results when someone reports you for threatening to hurt them. You could be fined. If you actually hit a person, you may be charged with assault, and end up in jail for up to a year, or longer in the event there are serious bodily injuries.

In addition to a criminal penalty, you could be sued in civil court for damages for an assault conviction.

The charges for assault range from misdemeanor to first-degree felony, for aggravated assault. The penalties can be increased, depending on the facts of the case.

Penalties increase for assaulting:

  • Domestic partner or spouse
  • Family member or dating relationship
  • Disabled person or elderly person
  • Public official such as a Child Protective Services worker
  • Police officer
  • Emergency worker
  • Security guard
  • Witness or informant

Is this your first or third offense? Were you on probation at the time the assault happened? Did you assault a security guard, police officer or a family member?

Were You Simply Acting In Self-Defense?

You do not have to face assault charges on your own. Call the Law Office of Michelle Poblenz to get your defense started as soon as possible. Ms. Poblenz is an experienced lawyer who will investigate the individual facts of your case as well as protect your fundamental rights under the law.

As a former prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney, Ms. Poblenz has the experience to aggressively challenge the allegations against you. It is often the case where a person was acting in self-defense.

Call For A Free Consultation To Discuss The Charges Against You

Irving attorney Poblenz has the experience you need to balance the facts with the law and penalties imposed to get the best possible outcome in your case. She has experience getting her clients’ charges reduced or dismissed.

Call for a free consultation if you have been charged with assault to discuss the details of those charges against you at 469-845-3031, or complete our online form to email us about your case.