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Call For A Free Consultation 469-845-3031

Securing Your
Rights & Protecting
Your Interests 

We are committed to protecting your rights and future interests. We are here for you when you need the peace of mind that you are working with a seasoned lawyer who knows her way around family law and criminal defense. 

Practice Areas

Family law
Family law

Child custody and support,
adoptions, divorce.


Contested & uncontested.

Traffic tickets
Traffic tickets

Speeding, suspended license,
no insurance.

Criminal law
Criminal law

DWI, drugs, assault,
sex offenses.

Compassionate And Knowledgeable Family Law Help

At the Law Office of Michelle Poblenz, our team knows that family matters can be too complicated to solve on your own. We can help you resolve your divorce, adoption and child custody and support problems.

Whether you need to establish child custody to secure child support for your children, or are facing challenges from Texas Child Protection Services (CPS), attorney Poblenz has the knowledge and experience to help you with clear explanations and a solid plan of action based on proven strategies.

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21 Years Of Trusted Experience

As a former prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, Michelle Poblenz has the skills and experience you need. In her 21 years of practicing law, she has seen how all sides of a criminal arrest can be presented in and out of court.

If you are charged with a crime, your future job prospects, housing situation and reputation can be seriously harmed. The Law Office of Michelle Poblenz stands by you. We can negotiate on your behalf, build a strong case for you, and protect your rights if you have been arrested:

  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Marijuana distribution
  • Theft

Attorney Poblenz works hard and is dedicated to get the best possible outcome for your case. She will take the time to personally work with you to ensure you understand your next steps.

Aggressive Traffic Ticket Lawyer Protects Your Rights

Before you pay your outstanding traffic tickets, call our office. If you have more than one traffic ticket, you could be setting yourself up for more trouble if you pay multiple tickets at the same time. You could be assessed surcharges, or “omni fees,” based on information provided by OmniBase of Texas, an automated database with the names of people who have failed to appear for their traffic violations.

Depending how many tickets you have and what they were issued for, we can help you over the phone. We may be able to satisfactorily resolve your entire process without you ever having to step foot in court, or in our office.

You cannot afford to ignore your traffic tickets. Call the Law Office of Michelle Poblenz for a free consultation to help you: 469-845-3031, or reach out to us online.

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